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ECHO Listening Profile


The ECHO (Effective Communication for Healthy Organizations) Listening Profile is a statistically reliable ten-minute survey that helps identify an individual’s personal listening style or habit in the workplace. This short but powerful assessment is helping companies:

  • Hire Better
  • Enhance Individual Performance
  • Elevate Team Performance

Listening plays an incredibly important role in communication. But our experience at Brio Enterprise has shown that while many companies may place focus on improving the communication of their organizations, the listening component is often completely left out. Because of the great impact listening has on communication overall, the ECHO Listening Profile was developed to help address this other half, the other 50% of the communication equation. The ECHO Listening Profile is designed to help improve “Listening Intelligence” (see below) in the workplace, enhance collaboration and performance and, ultimately, create a culture that honors the individual while strengthening the group.


Take the ECHO Listening Assessment

Why is listening so important?

Most of us recognize that individuals express themselves in unique ways. But, more recent research has begun to show that the same is true for listening. Because our brains are not all the same, different people hear things in different ways.

This is why ten highly competent people can leave a meeting all with varying impressions about what they just heard. While new areas of cognitive research are attempting to better understand the highly nuanced act of listening, modern work settings are also recognizing the importance of Listening Intelligence as a crucial factor in successful management, team cohesion, employee and customer satisfaction, and even bottom line results. In fact, the price of poor listening was recently estimated in a Holmes Report to account for annual losses valued as high as $37 billion in Fortune 500 companies.

What is Listening Intelligence and why does it matter?

Different people habitually listen to and for different types of information. Once we become aware of our habitual filters, we can examine our blind spots and start listening for and recognizing an expanded range of input. Additionally, we can begin to speak into other people’s listening preferences to enhance the chance that we are fully understood in our communication. This greater awareness and ability is what we call Listening Intelligence.

How can the ECHO Listening Profile bring value to your organization?

Since its development in 2008, Brio’s ECHO Listening Profile has been used extensively as a hiring, management development and training tool. Armed with ECHO’s ability to identify and grow Listening Intelligence, organizations can develop management techniques that foster greater collaboration by diagnosing a workforce’s unique listening habits, anticipating their effect in workplace interactions and proactively coaching employees toward more effective communication. When teams take the assessment together, they can better harness the listening strengths of each individual to ensure the team as a whole becomes exponentially smarter and more productive than the sum of its parts. This is what the ECHO Listening Profile sets out to achieve.

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