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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

“The Foundations of Leadership program has made a significant difference in how our general managers communicate to their teams as well as manage up in our organization. Our leaders are more confident contributors and are able to effectively develop our high performers into our future leaders.”
- Naomi Honig McCormick, HR Director, The Kitchen

We used the Foundations of Leadership program with The Kitchen’s management team in an effort to improve communication, leadership and overall Listening Intelligence within the organization.

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“We needed to truly make a shift in our client relationships, build stronger pipelines and increase our revenue. We also wanted to use examples which were realistic to our business not generic examples…Not only did we accomplish our goals, but we accomplished much more! Each individual was impacted deeply by their individual listening assessment and summary. Each person uses these assessments today to shift their habits to better connect with not only their clients, but their co-workers. They better understand not only the clients’ needs, but each other’s needs. I have enjoyed working with Allison and Dana and hope to continue my work with them in the near future.
- Lori Gonzolez, Training Manager, Interactive Health

We worked with the VP of sales and the VP of account management to create a training which was meaningful for each team. Learn about the process, method and outcome for how we transformed the organizational communication within Interactive Health.

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“Dana’s presence and insight have been a greater gift to me and Girls Leadership Institute than I had ever imagined. From a sales perspective, we went from being down the previous year, to almost doubling the previous year, in just a couple of months.”

“On a personal side, she has connected with every member of the team to increase self- awareness and efficiency. She’s transformed the way we all communicate and work together. We’ve come together to function as partners. It feels rewarding to us and instantly improved the bottom line.”

- Simone Marean, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Girls Leadership Institute
“Working with Brio was critical to the success of our team, and therefore the success of our organization. Dana was able to meet each team member where they were and help us understand one another better. We left each session with new tools that we could use to build better systems for communication and enhance value within our organization.”
-Hannah Davis, Host and Events Manager, Impact HUB Boulder
“Allison and Brio have been a fantastic resource for me and my company. The skills they teach and insights they provide are must-knows for all business leaders, as they are offering insights that I have not come across anywhere else. What I have learned has improved my relationships with my business partner, my team, my clients and even my family! As a result, I highly recommend them to all businesses. I am sure you will find significant value and benefit in their services, just as I have.”
-Chris Geer, CEO, Haven Property Management
“As someone who specializes in engineering process consulting, I know that communication and listening in particular are critical factors in the success of a technical team. I recommend Brio Enterprise to leaders at tech startups, software development agencies, and investors in the community. Their workshops are incredibly valuable and absolutely have the potential to improve the productivity of your business.”
- Sean Helvey, Founder & Engineer at Blue Hook
“Now I understand why I have trouble with a couple of my customers; I come to sell them what I have rather than listening to what they need—especially, what they don’t know they need.”
- Workshop Participant, Brown-Forman
When I began working with Allison, I was hopeful but reserved. I’d worked with a number of coaches in the past, and had universally bad experiences. I also knew that I can be stubborn and argumentative, and that a coach would have to be both patient and willing to push me.

Allison was all that and more. She revealed great depths of understanding and just the right amount of toughness. She did a great job of balancing mushy emotional stuff with hard goal-setting and held me accountable without babysitting. Her ability to figure out what I needed to hear was uncanny, and she never took anything personally, even when I was at my most stubborn.

She coaches from her heart, reveling in my triumphs as if they were her own, and she brings a lot of wisdom from her own journey of growth.

The results have been amazing. I went to her to wrap my head around professional challenges, but of course we untangled challenges in relationships and self-image. People have repeatedly told me that I show up differently, and all my relationships have significantly improved.”

- Khaled Allen, Director of Curriculum Development, Tutor Development Lead at Mindfish Test Prep
“Taking what I learned from the various trainings I participated in, I have transformed the way that I communicate within our organization and externally as well. I now have the ability and skills to plan different ways to have conversations in a structured and purposeful manner honoring everyone’s input. Brio guided me to reflect on different ways that I can listen and communicate, helping me be efficient and now my work relationships have flourished. Hands down, this is the best and most applicable training that I have received in my professional career.” -Gretchen Rech

“The training we received from Allison had an immediate impact on the effectiveness of the work we do. It impacted a wide range of our organization’s functions; from the conversations we have to the way we organize our projects. It’s not often we discover methods of operating that add such value, yet, that’s what Allison did.” -Eileen McMahon

- Gretchen Rech, Implementation Specialist and Eileen McMahon, Area Director, Carmel Hill Fund