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About Us

Our team at Brio functions as a support system for growing companies. We are a management development company that specializes in developing middle managers through better communication. Years of experience have taught us that most small to mid-sized companies overlook the development of managers. In fact, many promote from within when an employee shows strength in a certain capacity, believing this will transfer into being an effective manager.  However, managing effectively does not necessarily translate from doing your job well. The leadership communication skills required to be an effective manager aren’t intuitive, but they can absolutely be learned.

Additionally, the companies that hire and develop a diverse team are much smarter than ones with brilliant individuals who think alike. To manage this diversity takes a deep understanding of how to motivate, mentor and develop an assortment of different thinkers.

Whether a company promotes from within or hires externally, prioritizing the development of their management team is their best investment. Brio teaches a variety of skills and offers communication tools to quickly enhance any manager’s ability to:

  • Set clear expectations that hold employees accountable
  • Delegate effectively
  • Manage teams through transitions
  • Take ownership of mistakes or mishaps
  • Give and receive feedback

Our unique approach begins with a proprietary listening assessment that was developed through years of research and in consultation with neuroscientists and clinical psychologists. This tool monitors what we listen “to” and “for,” as well as how we apply the information we hear. With an increased awareness of individual listening habits, managers can objectively observe their own management style, shift to increase effectiveness, and address any areas to improve communication and the sharing of information throughout all levels of the company.

Dana Dupuis


My interest in management development began over 25 years ago. I had been strengthening my sales capabilities, and my years of experience earned me my first corporate management role. This promotion soon became a very uncomfortable experience, since my client-facing sales skills didn’t translate into the responsibilities of managing a team. I felt ill-prepared to teach, mentor, and hold others accountable, and it turns out I wasn’t alone (a recent Gallup report determined that only 18% of managers have the skills to manage effectively!). My new hunger for developing myself as a capable manager led me to seek the best training possible. I immersed myself in both management development and communication training, and found that the latter presented key insights relevant to my new management responsibilities but were often overlooked within the business sector.

Over the course of my career, I have worked to bridge management development with the most important insights from communication intelligence. My work has reached inside companies like Humana, Lockheed Martin, and Coca-Cola. In 2012, I founded Brio Enterprise to further develop these tools into a well-rounded management curriculum for small-and-medium businesses.

Allison O’Brien

Client Solutions Manager

For decades I’ve been intrigued by human interaction, and the question of “What is it that creates connection and how or why do we withdraw and disengage from each other?” The follow-up question is “How does this affect how we work together and how do we show up for the people we love.”  These types of questions fueled me through the bulk of my career as a high-producing sales professional. My success wasn’t the result of being a great “closer” or because I had a deep pipeline. It was directly related to my ability to build long term, loyal relationships based on trust. As I approached my 40’s, I realized that I was ready for a career shift and knew at a visceral level that I wanted to use these insights to make an impact in a different way professionally and personally.  Now, my genuine interest in people and what makes us tick has paved the way for a career helping individuals and companies transform the way they do business through the standpoint of communication and conversation. I believe it’s more rare than not, and an incredible gift to work everyday in a job that aligns 100% with your core values, passion and life’s purpose. And I can say without hesitation, that I am incredibly fortunate and profoundly grateful to be someone who can say that’s true for me.

John Winter

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Ligon

VP Sales

Tom Tompkins


Lauren Haugh

Sales Development Representative

Human relationships are complicated and multifaceted, as every manager knows. If we lack the tools and vocabulary to work skillfully with this fact, complications at work can easily devolve into messiness and dysfunction. I initially experienced this in my first management position within an organization that lacked the tools and awareness to train its managers to be effective leaders and mentors. I later realized this was extremely common, and wondered how contemporary business leaders were addressing this phenomenon. My question led me to a graduate degree in leadership and organizational development. As it turns out, the challenge of fostering healthy, productive communication among teams of people is as old as antiquity. Today, the unprecedented pace and connectivity of our modern world provides a unique set of advantages and challenges in addressing this issue, and there are only a few places where writers, researchers, and entrepreneurs are seriously trying to address it beyond the usual clichéd “leadership development” rhetoric. Brio Enterprise is one such company, and I count myself lucky to work with such a dynamic group of people all enriched by a meaningful subject matter that has immediate, tangible, and helpful applications for the modern workplace.

I have been leading sales teams and individuals for the past 20 years. What I have always found to be a common thread within any high functioning team has been a healthy ecosystem of communication skills and tools to support the ongoing learning and development of those skills. I thrive on interpersonal relationships and have always worked hard to be sure that those I am working with are “heard”. This is what is so compelling to me about the work we are doing at Brio. I have always believed that thriving corporate cultures have strong communication practices as their backbones. When I saw an opportunity to add my years of sales experience to a company focused on such a worthy mission I was excited to jump in and help another great team build something awesome.

I’ve spent the last 30 years of my career working in business development as a management executive across a broad range of industries. As one of the newer members of the BRIO team, I bring strong business acumen to balance out BRIO’s existing team of experts in the field of Listening Intelligence. My approach and expertise in strategic business development has helped numerous companies grow revenue and profitability and compete more effectively to increase and expand their business.  When the opportunity arose to join the BRIO team I jumped at the chance. Over decades of working inside of various industries spanning CPG, Services and Technology, I came to believe that many executives perceive listening and communication as soft skills. I disagree. I believe these are hard business skills that translate into measurable ROI.




As someone who has implemented a variety of self-awareness & communication tools to combat the challenges leaders face, I was intrigued by Brio’s proprietary listening assessment. ECHO is unique in its ability to not only bring to light habits that are supporting and hindering our success, but also to provide immediate solutions for tweaking those habits and communicating more effectively. I am excited for the opportunity to transfer my passion for developing healthy individuals and teams through the promotion of ECHO in the Sales Development role.

Courtney Pullen

Courtney is a Professional Certified Coach and a graduate of the Newfield Coaching Program. He has been a coach to several hundred executives across financial, technology, aerospace, insurance, banking and manufacturing industries. He has also provided leadership training for close to 2,000 leaders. Courtney uses a coaching methodology to deploy his unique process.

Courtney employs a positive methodology for helping individuals and groups work through change, and locate and reward their core strengths, using them as powerful catalysts to forward progress. Different than hour-to-hour sessions, Courtney works in the spaces between the meetings. This proven process provides both defined goals and clear measurements of progress.

Stephen Tubbs

I am Stephen Tubbs, training specialist at CU Boulder and moonlight workshop facilitator with a passion for the success of others. With a background in performing arts I utilize creative collaboration techniques such as improv, experiential education, action learning and 15+ years of multi-industry training experience to forge strong leaders and even stronger teams. I happily live in Louisville with my wife and 2 boys and I’m honored to spread the BRIO message of “transforming business one conversation at a time.”