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We are a management development company that specializes in advancing the impact of new to mid-level managers through better communication.



We offer workshops on leadership development, communication and operational efficiency. These workshops vary from introductory half-day programs to 6 month in-depth trainings.



As a leader, are you ever disappointed in your team? How we make requests of others can predict their success or failure.

Mary was consistently a top performer in her company. For over a year she was recognized by her manager as one of the most valuable...

We misinterpret, misunderstand, or change 70-90% of what we hear!*

*Think 6 Results

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What our Customers say

''The Foundations of Leadership program has made a significant difference in how our General Managers communicate to their teams as well as manage up in our organization. Our leaders are more confident contributors and are able to effectively develop our high performers into our future leaders.''- Naomi Honig McCormick, HR Director, The Kitchen
''We needed to truly make a shift in our client relationships, build stronger pipelines and increase our revenue. We also wanted to use examples which were realistic to our business not generic examples...Not only did we accomplish our goals, but we accomplished much more!''- Lori Gonzolez, Training Manager, Interactive Health
''Dana's presence and insight have been a greater gift to me and Girls Leadership Institute than I had ever imagined. From a sales perspective, we went from being down the previous year, to almost doubling the previous year, in just a couple of months.''- Simone Marean, Co-Founder and Executive Director Girls Leadership Institute